Globe valves V46.2, V40.2

Globe valves V46.2, V40.2

High pressure globe valves V46.2 (shut off) and V40.2 (regulating) pressure seal bonnet from DN10-65 and PN63-420 and working temperature up to 600°C. The design includes the following characteristics: forged body, hard welded-on Stellite (seat/disc), monolithic stem (special and regulating type), bearings on stem nut for low tripping torque, dust collectors, precision casting of the bonnet. Corresponds to the requirements of European Directive 2014/68/EU


ventil 2             ventil 3

V46.2 - closing (shut-off type)                                      V40.2 - control for rough regulation (throttle)         

view of sealing surfaces                                              view of sealing surfaces


Application of globe valves V46.2, V40.2

  • V46.2 – shut off globe valves
  • V40.2 – regulating globe valve for rough regulation 
  • Diameters: from DN10 to DN65.
  • Pressure: from PN63 to PN420 bar.
  • Working medium: water, water steam (overheated steam) andother non-aggrerssive liquids and gasses. 
  • Working temperature: up to 600°C.
  • Application: power engineering, chemical and nuclear industry.


Technical description of globe valves V46.2 и V40.2


  • The body is produced from forging, and the bonnet is produced from precision casting
  • Globe valves  V46.2 and V40.2 have pressure seal construction (without sealing gaskets between bonnet/body) 
  • The seats of body and stem (disc) are produced from welded-on hard alloy material (Stellite) with hardness 40-45 HRC and composition of Cr 27%-32%
  • Monolithic stem of special high temperature resistant steel 
  • Bearing of stem nut, protected by dust collectors 
  • Connection on welding type BW according to  DIN, GOST, CSN (possibility for SW – according to ANSI) and flanged connection, the flanges are welded to the body
  • In case of non-standard size of the welding pipe, it is possible to make non-standard ends
  • There is a developed modern version of the locking mechanism of the hand wheel.


Advantages of globe valves V46.2, V40.2

  • Pressure seal design  
  • Easy disassembly of the bonnet from the body, without necessity to dismantle the whole globe valve from the pipeline, by means of clamp connection bonnet-body
  • Repairable form of the seat of the body 
  • Monolithic stem – strength, stability and durability. 
  • The closing part of the stem (disc) is formed under a special radius, and the seat in cone form. This assures low friction and high reliability in closing in a closed ring, protecting the closing organs from abrasion and cavitation. 
  • The stem nut is  with two bearings and dust protectors - long cycle of operation without maintenance or repair.
  • 10 years (10 000 cycles to first repair) exploitation  life at medium load 
  • Unified design from DN10-65 providing the possibility of lower costs for spare parts
  • Combining four type-forgings in eight nominal sizes - provides shortened  times of delivery at competitive prices
  • Ends connections prepared according to customer’s request
  • Possibility for production with non-standard building lengths by means of extensions and inspection of the weld with X-ray analysis
  • Availability of spare parts on stock is provided 

The standard implementation of the construction uses the highest quality materials for this class of valves. The design is seismically tested according to НП-068-05 (class of safety III and category of seismicity II) and has a "Certificate of seismic resistance"

ventil 6

Easy disassembly from the body by means of clamp connection 


ventil 4

Production of the ends connection according to DIN, CSN, ГОСТ, ASTM, or at customer’s request (non-standard ends connections) 


ventil 5

  Stem nut with 2 axial bearings and 2 dust collectors


V46.2, V40.2 Globe valve control

Globe valves V46.2, V40.2 can be performed by: handwheel, electric actuator (including for seismically resistant and explosion-proof versions), gearbox and remote control (cardan) for more convenient operation of valves, installed in hard-to-reach places. The electric motors of the electric actuators can be produced with a brake. The manually operated valves can be equipped with a modern locking mechanism of the handwheel


Testing of globe valves

Depending on the working conditions and the material of the bodies, the valves are tested in accordance with standard EN 12266 or according to customer’s requirements.

When the valves are with flanged connection, the quality of the welding conjunction between the body and the flange is controlled by X-ray analysis.


Installation of globe valves V46.2, V40.2

The globe valve can be mounted in any position. When mounting globe valve equipped with electric actuator, the instructions given by the manufacturer of the electric actuator shall be followed the maximum deviation from the axis of the spindle at the remote control shall not be more than  25deg.

The connection of the electric actuators to the valves is in compliance with  norms ISO 5210 (DIN 3210, OCT 26-07-763).