Gate valve S43

Gate valve S43

High pressure gate valves S43 pressure seal bonnet for sizes from DN50-300 and PN63-420 and working temperature up to  600°C. Corresponds to the requirements of European Directive  2014/68/EU for pressure equipment

Application of gate valve S43

  • Gate valve type S43 
  • Diameters: from  DN50 up to  DN300.
  • Налягане: from PN63 up to  PN420 bar.
  • Working medium:  water water steam (overheated steam) and other non-aggressive  liquids and gasses.
  • Working temperature: up to 600°C.

Application: power engineering, chemical and nuclear industry.


Technical description of gate valve S43

  • The body and most of the main details are produced from forgings while the bonnet is made from precision  casting 
  • Gate valves S43 have pressure seal bonnet design
  • The seats of the body and wedge (disc) are produced of welded-on hard –alloy material (Stellite) with hardness 40-45 HRC and content of Cr 27%-32%
  • Flexible wedge of material in accordance with the selected material of the steel body
  • Monolithic stem made of special high temperature resistant steel 
  • Bearing of the stem nut, protected by dust collectors 
  • Connection on welding type BW (butt-weld) according to DIN, GOST, CSN and on flanges, the flanges are welded to the body 
  • The welds are controlled by ultrasonic and / or X-ray analysis of the welded seams 

Additional accessories

  • Bypass connections with valve V46.2
  • Pressure-relief valve on the body, relieving the pressure above the zone of the wedge. 


Advantages of gate valve S43

  • Pressure seal bonnet construction
  • Monolithic stem (spindle) and wedge - strength, stability and durability.
  • The stem nut is with two bearings and dust collectors - long cycle of work without maintenance or repair
  •  Long service life compared to the models with bolted bonnet 
  • The model  S43 is full port valve, providing free flow of the fluid flow

Pressure seal bonnet construction  

Stem nut with 2 bearings and 2 dust collectors


Pressure seal bonnet construction  



Stem nut with 2 bearings and 2 dust collectors



Operation of gate valve S43



The operation of the gate valve S43 is performed by:

- Manual control - manual handwheel for sizes from DN50-100, and for the sizes DN100-300 a manual gearbox is mounted.

- Electric actuator with the possibility of supplying electric motors with brakes

- Possibility to produce  a cardan shaft for operation at hard-to-reach places


Testing of gate valve S43

Depending on the working conditions and the body material, the gate valves are tested in accordance with standard EN 12266 or according to customer requirements.

When the gate valves are with flange connection, the quality of the welded junction  between the body and the flange is controlled by X-ray and / or ultrasonic analysis.


Installation of gate valve S43

The gates can be mounted in any position, and for sizes bigger than DN200 it is recommended to be mounted on horizontal pipelines. 

When installing a gate valve, equipped with electric actuator, the installation instructions of the manufacturer of the electric actuator shall be are observed. The maximum deviation from the axis of the stem in remote control can be no more than 25º