Check valves Z15.1, Z15.2

Check valves Z15.1, Z15.2

Check valves Z15.1, Z15.2. Pressure seal bonnet for sizes from DN10-65 and working temperature up to 600° . They correspond to the requirements of European directive2014/68/EU.

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Application of check valves Z15.1, Z15.2

The check valves type are automatic devices that prevent the back flow of the fluid.

  • Z15.1 – for horizontal installation
  • Z15.2 – for vertical installation (with spring)


Diameters: from DN10-65

Pressure:from PN63 to PN420 bar

Working medium: water, water steam (overheated steam) and other fluids used in power engineering and chemical industry 

Working temperature:  up to 600°C

Application: power engineering, chemical and nuclear industry 


Technical description of check valves Z15.1, Z15.2

  • Body is produced from forging.
  • Models  Z15.1 and Z15.2 have pressure seal construction   (without sealing gaskets between bonnet/body)
  • The seats of body and piston (disc) ar welded-on with hard-alloy material (Stellite) сwith hardness  40-45 HRC and contents of Cr 27%-32%
  • Connection on welding type BW according to DIN, GOST, CSN (possibility for  SW – according to ANSI) and on flanges, which are welded to the body.


Advantages of check valves Z15.1, Z15.2

  • Pressure seal bonnet construction
  • Repairable form of the body’s seat
  • The piston (disc) is of stainless steel W№1.4541 / X6CrNiTi18-10 and welded-on hard-alloy material (Stellite) providing strength, stability and durability
  • The closing part of the   piston (disc) is formed under a special radius, and the seat is in a cone. This ensures low friction and high reliability of closing in a closed ring, protecting the closing organs from abrasion and cavitation
  • Long term cycle of operation without maintenance or repair 
  • Service life of 10 years (10,000 cycles of first repair) at an average load
  • Unified design from  DN10-65
  • Combining four type forgings eight nominal sizes - provides shortened delivery times at competitive prices
  • Connection ends can be produced acc. to customer’s request
  • Possibility for production with non-standard building lengths by means of extensions and inspection of the welded seams  with X-ray analysis
  • The standard implementation of the construction uses the highest quality materials for this class of valves. The construction  is seismically tested according to НП -068-05 ( class of safety III and seismic category II) and has a "Certificate of seismic resistance