Business model of the company

Bularmex-IK manufactures  valves  for individual customers’ projects. The globe valves and gate valves  that  our  Company offers  are with application in various areas with specific requirements and often in used heavy  operating conditions.

The valves, produced by Bularmex-IK are widely used in various industries. Our globe valves and gate valves are used for different working mediums, both in conventional and specific operating conditions.

All this diversity in the application of our valves is focused only on satisfying the various customer needs.

The company manages its business exclusively according to the model "Engineering and production according to Client’s order".

The high quality of our products is a result of our 20 years of manufacturing experience, as well as the use of the best world practice. Each new project, we implement based on our standard valve designs, but tailored to specific customer needs - area of ​​application, selection of material for specific conditions and working medium, non-standard connection to pipelines and much more. Our globe valves and gate valves, manufactured according to a specific project, become strictly customer‘s products. Bularmex-IK offers individual solutions and a special approach in satisfying  the diverse customer needs.

A bigger part of the production of parts for our products is unified. We manufacture and maintain machined bodies, whole assembled units, semi-finished globe valves and gate valves, as well as many spare parts for them. Thanks to this approach and the investments   in stock availabilities, the production time for specific customers’ globe valves or gate valves is very short. This is our extremely competitive advantage.