General information

 Who we are

Bularmex-IK JSCo.  is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of high and medium pressure valves with application in the  conventional and nuclear power engineering and in other industries. We have been designing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing valves  since 1999. Our production experience is based on the best world practices, based on the traditions of Czech’s  valve construction.

The company has a modern production base, equipped with the latest generation of high-tech metal-processing machines with CNC control, welding robots and test benches. We have specialized tools and devices necessary for the production, testing and servicing of the manufactured valves.

Through the years, our company has achieved all the necessary certificates guaranteeing the quality of our processes and products. We have successfully integrated a Quality Management and Environmental Protection System (EN ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 14001: 2015).

Our production is a special one and the manufactured products are classified according to the PED Directive 2014/68/EU as a pressure equipment. According to the requirements and criteria of CE 1853, our company has defended and has achieved the highest module "H", guaranteeing full quality assurance.

Our welding processes in the production are validated with certificate   EN ISO 3834-2.  

Our products have passed tests and have a certificate of seismic resistance in accordance with НП-068-05 and cover seismic category II and class of safety III, which makes them applicable to the second zone of nuclear power plants.



The high pressure valves of forged bodies and pressure seal bonnet are in our main production program.  These are closing globe valves V46.2 and regulating  valves V40.2, with sizes from DN10 ÷ DN65 and pressures up to PN400, manometric globe valves V46.0 (KiP) with sizes from DN8 ÷ DN15 and pressures up to PN250, check valves Piston type Z15. 1 with sizes from DN10 ÷ DN65 and pressures up to PN400, swing check valves type  L10 with sizes from DN65 ÷ DN300 and pressures up to PN400, as well as gate valves S43 with sizes from DN65 ÷ DN300 and pressures up to PN400.

We maintain in our warehouses constant quantities of forged blanks for our products from 2 carbon, 5 alloy and 2 stainless steels. This allows us to offer short production terms to our customers. We have available spare parts for the whole range of the produced by us valves. This makes us extremely flexible in solving problems with our partners, as well as offering an extremely short reaction time. The express delivery of spare parts in the post-guarantee service of our valves is one of the key advantages of our Company.


Services and service activity

Our company has its own service. As a continuation of the production practices, our service is growing, following the most modern world trends.

We offer complete solutions to our Customers, which can be at the stage of research, design, repair and revision of the existing valves.

Our company has a solid expertise in the application of non-standard technical solutions, related to the implementation of bypass connections, production of various extensions, production of non-standard welding ends, mechanical connection of various types and brands of electric actuators and other technical solutions.

Our service engineers have the expertise and can give technical suggestions upon valves’ selection,   choosing the electric actuation,   to cooperate in solving specific technical problems.

Our company is an authorized service of leading European manufacturers of electric actuators. 



The continuous development and achieved results of Bularmex-IK JSCo.  during the last 20 years are increasingly appreciated by our partners and clients.

The positive references that our Company has received, in the person of NPP Kozloduy and TPP Maritza Iztok 2, are indicative for the presence and importance of Bularmex-IK JSCo. on the Bulgarian market.  These two our partners are the pillars of the Bulgarian energy sector, who provide more than a half of the electricity produced in the country.

Our company is more increasingly establishing itself as a reliable supplier of valves in Europe. Our products are used in a number of energy companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Finland, Russia, Italy, Macedonia.

As a natural development of the Company's business, Bularmex-IK JSCo.  currently has exclusive representations in 6 European countries - Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain and Russia. This is an excellent reference for the high added value of the products, produced by Bularmex-IK JSCo.