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Bularmex-IK JSCo  is a leading Bulgarian   manufacturer for high and medium pressure valves with application in the conventional and nuclear power engineering and in other industries. We have been designing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing valves  since 1999. Our production experience is based on the best world practices and on the traditions of Czech valves production.

The company has a modern production base, equipped with the latest generation of high-tech metal-processing machines with CNC control, welding robots and test benches. We have specialized tools and devices necessary for the production, testing and servicing of the manufactured valves.

Through the years, our company has achieved all the necessary certificates guaranteeing the quality of our processes and products. We have successfully integrated a Quality Management and Environmental Protection System (EN ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 14001: 2015).

Our production is a special one and the manufactured products are classified according to the PED Directive 2014/68/EU as a pressure equipment. According to the requirements and criteria of CE 1853, our company has defended and has achieved the highest module "H", guaranteeing full quality assurance.

Our welding processes in the production are validated with certificate   EN ISO 3834-2.  

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AES Гълъбово H V 2 лого

Armatury Group H V 4 лого

IBC Praha H V 7 лого

Сименс Енерджи H V 9 лого

АЕЦ Козлодуй H V 1 лого

Mostro H V 3 лого

Sitan Grup H V 13 лого

Атоменергоремонт H V 5 лого

Дитсман Енергоремонт Холдинг H V 8 лого

Лукойл H V 11 лого

Провадсол H V 12 лого

РИСК Инженеринг H V 6 лого